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Family Law

Experienced Family Law Attorney in New Jersey




An agreement made before the marriage ceremony can go a long way in ensuring peace of mind, and protection of your assets. We design a pre-nuptial agreement based on your priorities, requirements and statutory law. Once everything is laid out on the table, and discussed prior to marriage, you and your future spouse are on the same page. This avoids any misunderstanding or misgiving in the marriage. 




Sometimes a marriage turns sour, and there is no way out. The only open door is the one leading away from your partner. It’s hard to see that, but once you do, you need someone on your side. Someone you can trust and rely on to help you make the best decisions for your life. Someone whose advice and assistance doesn’t end up becoming your financial nightmare.

We are here to help you at this difficult time. We understand the emotional overhaul this causes you to go through. We take on the work for you because we have the skills to navigate the system on your behalf.

It is our job to make the divorce process as easy and as affordable as possible for you. In the end you will get the result you want in the most cost-efficient manner. We take your headache and the heartache out of your hands, because we are there for you through the entire process of divorce. We represent you in a compassionate and zealous manner to get the best result possible.

When the case allows, we offer flat fees for the entire divorce process from start to finish.



Think about it. What could be more precious to you than your child? Nothing comes even close. By far, the trickiest aspect of a divorce is the children. We listen to what you want, and let you know the most likely outcome. We have the experience to know what is possible and what is unlikely, so we offer the best advice given the circumstances and situation of your case. We work out a plan that protects your children keeping in mind what is best for them. Sometimes, the solution you are looking for is relocation to another state. We have argued and won cases for relocation outside of the State and outside of the Country.



What happens when your partner threatens your safety and well-being? What if the children are affected? Unfortunately, these are not uncommon concerns among couples.

We have spent over a decade representing victims of domestic violence in counties across New Jersey. We represented both women and men who suffered abuse at the hands of their partners. We also defended partners wrongfully accused as the perpetrators of violence. This gives us a broad understanding of both sides of the spectrum and makes our skills exceedingly valuable in the Courtroom. If you, or someone you know are a victim of domestic violence please call our office immediately for a free consultation. 




If you face allegations of child abuse or neglect filed by the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP), we can help you defend yourself. With more than a decade of experience with Title 9 and Title 30 cases, we have the knowledge to handle complex complaints against you or your partner. You do not want your children removed from you and taken to foster care without the ability to defend yourself! Call our office for a consultation and we will be glad to discuss your options with you.

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