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Wills & Estates

Faith based Wills


Are you concerned that your loved ones will not be taken care of in a manner that is based on your religious teachings? Do you want a Will that follows New Jersey Law as well as your religious beliefs? Are you a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or from another faith and you want to incorporate something in your Will that reflects your inner values?

A form Will from the internet may not be the answer to your question. It may or may not address your circumstance or situation. There is no “one-size-fits-all”, when it comes to Wills. Just like the story of your life, the Will you leave behind, is also unique. Let us help you create your Will and your estate plan to reflect your unique needs and desires.

We help you find creative solutions to your problems, by adding a few components to a Simple Will, making it a Faith-based will. Be sure to ask us about a Health care proxy and Power of Attorney, both equally important pieces of documents to help you and your loved ones in times of an emergency.

Have some questions? Please, schedule your initial consultation now.
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