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Children need both parents

Now that may sound like an idealized concept, but the truth is, children receive different insights and life experiences from both parents. No matter what our feelings for our spouse may be, it is important to set them aside and view the world through our child’s eyes.

Ask yourself, what does my child need? Love from all sources, information and learning from everywhere, and life experiences in many colors. Granted, if the other parent is a “danger” to your child, you must protect him or her from such a parent.

A danger can be a parent who abuses drugs or alcohol, who uses corporal punishment, or inflicts abuse on you, the spouse, or who fails to protect your child(ren) from dangerous situations and circumstances. Such parents are not the norm, however.

Fortunately, a large number of parents are caring and protective of their children. But our differences in views and outlook or even our sour relationship with our spouse tends to filter through our ideas of them as a parent. We automatically see an unfit spouse as an unfit parent. But in doing so, we often deprive our child(ren) of a richer, varied and full experience growing up.

Allow your child to soak up the various hues of this world, to explore and to learn. Allow your child the ability to develop a relationship with their other parent. You’ll do him or her a long-term favor!

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